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​​   Everyone has some kind of experiences with Art.       Here is a  little history about Steve's Background  in Art....


Steve loves to work with his hands and build things, especially out of metal and wood. Besides art classes in school and some vocational art training in art and drafting, you could say that he is a self taught, hands on type of  person.  He was also very fortunate to have a lot of talented people around him in his life that shared their knowlege with him. He has always felt that when it comes to learning and developing a skill, “There is no finish line”.

He was exposed and interested in art at very early age along with his siblings who also liked to do art work. It has been said  that the desire and ability to be involved in art, runs in his family. His father was probably the most inspiring figure in his life.  Besides being a portrait artist, his father had Steve involved in an unbelievable amount of projects. He worked with him side by side for for several decades restoring antique classic cars and other vintage items including a full size steam train next to a replica western town. He also worked with him building and maintaining an auto and antique museum that housed one of the largest restoration shops in the country as well as putting on large festivals along with many other adventures. Many  of these projects required some type of art which helped Steve gain experience in developing many techniques that he utilizes in his paintings.

Besides exploring and working out west for  a couple of years in Wyoming and California in the late 70's, and early 80's, he has spent most of his life in the state of Missouri where he was born, until relocating to Florida several years ago, temporarily moved to the state of Colorado where the wild west comes alive, but due to family issues he now lives back in Florida.  He oil painted when he was young and thought of doing art work full time, but like many others, got side tracked and looked up after several years had gone by, before he was able to spend more time oil painting.


When it comes to art, there is probably no right or wrong method, but this is the technique that Steve prefers to use. He uses  very slow drying oils and mixing his own colors from a basic 5 to 7 color palette. He prefers to use smooth linen over canvas that he stretches himself. He likes to paint tight vs loose and specializes in blending using brushes.  One of his  main jobs for many years was painting classic cars which involved a lot of color matching and blending. Instead of a spay gun or airbrush that he used for many years on cars, he now uses a paintbrush. For many years he also specialized in "wood graining" for customers all over the US, which is a process of turning the metal dashes and interior items of antique cars into various wood patterns. He gets his inspiration for subject mater from the world around us using a piece from here and a piece from there to create his own spin on reality when attempting to  duplicate a moment in time.  Like many of the people who do art work, he enjoys expressing himself on canvas (linen)  and  paints with passion, giving each and every painting, the same amount of attention,  devotion and tedious time  that is required.

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